What Do You Need to Ask Before Hiring an Excavation Contractor?

Toronto is a beautiful part of the world, with many different neighborhoods all requiring a bit more expertise to manage for building and excavation projects. Finding the right excavation contractor to fit your needs can be difficult if you don’t have a solid idea of who is the best in the local area. Sometimes friends and family aren’t enough to convince you which company to go with over another. For that reason, we’ve put together a few questions to really get you started on your search. 

Is your contractor licensed and insured? 

There are way too many companies out there that operate without proper licensing. They are only one step accident away from dealing with the wrong end of a serious lawsuit. Any legitimate contracting company will have no problem showing you their insurance proof and operation licenses. Excavation requires using heavy equipment, and if they don’t have protection from accidentally scratching a water line, you are bound to be on the hook for damages as much as them.

What kind of excavation experience do they have?

Not every company knows how to excavate for a new house or how to prepare a spot for a luxurious pool. Maybe they have completed a few commercial properties but are entirely unaware of landscaping for homeowners or municipal needs for industrial sites. Always check out their previous work experience and portfolio to ensure you are working with a team that really knows their work.

Can you contact their previous clients?

Now that we’ve mentioned a portfolio let’s use that to your advantage. Go through and make a few phone calls to those celebrated projects on their website and hear how they really went down. If the company is as professional and reliable as they say they are, there shouldn’t be any surprises when talking to their previous clients.

Do they understand the permit process?

The greater Toronto area involves a lot of regions and municipalities that have different codes and regulations. Using an excavation company that clearly communicates whose role it is to get these permits is essential to working together. You don’t want to be midway through a project and meet up with a code enforcement agent only to find out the contractor never pulled the proper permits for the work.

Are there hidden fees for removal or transportation?

Excavation work almost always involves a lot of extra waste, debris, or fill. Your estimate should include a line item on how much the contractor will charge to remove anything from the worksite. There should be no hidden fees to their contract or ambiguous language. Everything should be clearly defined and outlined before you sign on the dotted line.

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