What Do You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Demolition Contractor?

We have many Toronto area clients who have never dealt with an Excavation and Demolition company before and are often unsure where to begin. Whether they are getting a commercial building torn down or preparing a new residential property for construction, they are often left a little confused as to the demolition process and how to be best prepared. Here are a few questions that should help you get ready to hire a demolition contractor around the greater Toronto area.

Is the demolition contractor fully qualified?

This question goes beyond whether or not your contractor has the experience. A lot of demolition is conducted around other neighboring buildings and communities. If your contractor does not have all the proper licensing, certifications, and proper training, there are bound to be costly mistakes. Always ask to see if your contractor has met the appropriate qualifications to be doing the demo work before getting started.

What is their history? Have they done demolition work before?

The team managers must have direct demolition experience before they come to work on your next project. Without that experience, they might accidentally tear into municipal infrastructure and cause serious harm to the local community. They also need to know how to safely remove certain materials that cannot be dumped into landfills. Having a company with environmental and eco-friendly services is a significant plus.

Does the demo contractor carry insurance?

Without proper insurance, you can be held responsible for a wide array of potential dangers. The last thing you want to happen is to lose your business over someone else’s lack of responsibility. Therefore, hiring a professional demolition company should always include having all the insurance needed to get the job done correctly.

Do they provide a cost and time estimation?

You never should agree to work with a company that cannot offer you a bid or estimation on the total cost and time required to complete a project. Those kinds of contractors could potentially overcharge you for their time because they didn’t conduct the proper assessment or planning.

Do they have references?

Always ask for references or a portfolio of work that you can easily verify with a few phone calls. In addition, you want to make sure the contractor you are hiring has experience working in the demolition field and has community ties that will honestly recommend their services.

Do they perform clean-up and removal?

Demolition is a messy business. Having a fully equipped contractor that quickly and safely removes all the waste and fill is a considerable benefit. Always double-check that the contractor you’re reviewing has all the equipment and proper certifications to deal with materials like asbestos, metal, or soil.

Whatever your next project, the expert team at Excavation and Demolition Contractor Toronto is ready to get to work. Call or email us today to learn more about what we offer and for a consultation. We have experience working with public, private, residential, and independent companies and have no issue presenting bids. We are fully insured and ready to get to work on your exciting project. Thank you for considering our company. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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